Leaders Enterprises provides unlimited person-to-person support via our telephone hotline, which is available as part of our Software Support package. The use of remote access software allows our dedicated team of engineers to fully support your business.

Change and challenges come hand in hand, yet these need not interrupt your revenue at the tills. The smooth passing of customers through the store is what retailers deem essential. With Leaders Enterprises' support desk, we offer professionally trained retail experts on a customer support 'hot-line' who will guide you through whatever issues may arise. It is of paramount importance that you get what you need out of our system.

We are here to assist you 7 days a week, 7am - 12 Mid-night

-Whether it's simply setting up a new product from an irregular supplier or changing prices on certain products, we will talk you through the process and assist you in any way we can. Leaders Enterprises also provide dial in support if necessary. This means we can look at your PC from our office, see what you see and guide you through the necessary tasks.

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