Leaders Enterprises Ltd. is proud to offer for the first time NCR SelfServ to the small local retailer.
The world's number one self checkout system is now available to the convenience retail market.

Leaders Enterprise Ltd. is continuously striving to be at the forefront of bringing leading edge technology solutions to the retail market in Ireland. We have spent two years researching the leading vendors of Self-Checkout Globally.
As a result, in 2013 we selected NCR as our partner for Self-Checkout in Ireland for two main reasons:
1. NCR has 71% market share globally and 76% market share in Europe
2. NCR’s approach: No Return On Investment = No project

Self-Checkout is a Business Transformation Project
It’s not about the Technology
It’s about the Application of Technology

Choose a Partner Who Can Help! Providing Business Process and Best Practice Guidance.
In the last two years we have worked very closely with NCR to develop a seamless integration between our SAMforWin™ POS application and their SelfServ Checkout (SSCO) solution.

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